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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Admin_and_Moderator_Tools_in_Discussions

Have fun!
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• 9/2/2016

[CONTEST] 2016 Logo contest (SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS!)

Hey guys! Due to some legal fiasco brought up by a former admin, the administrative team was prompted to remove all of our former logos and icons!
That sounds bad, right?
No! It means YOU can help us create a new logo! This logo will henceforth be the banner of SFMB!So with haste, open your photo editing softwares and get drawing, you may just make the new face of SFMB!
Submissions will be taken up until 11:59PM EST on the 17th of September.
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• 8/29/2016

The Bell Tower Experiment [NEW WALL RP] (SUGGEST PLANET NAMES!)

SFMB's new -punk roleplay has entered the next stage of its development! Below, is a map of the planet on which you can begin to plot where your nation, tribe, character, bases, etc. will be.
However: Bare in mind, places such as the massive deserts (Consult the biome key for more info) will not be habitable to sedentary states, only nomadic towns and tribes, among other things...

While planning your nation's location, consider a name for the planet. This week I will take suggestions, and next week we shall vote on them.
Name suggestions:
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• 8/28/2016

Unauthorized Work Take-Down Request (Please Help!)

Foreword: Hello, I’ve already contacted Luftificus and the Council about this matter but given Luftificus seldom seems to check in these days and from what I’m to understand doesn’t really want to intervene in group management, and that the Council has to my knowledge made no progress towards acting to resolve this matter, I’ve decided, or I’m really hoping at least, taking this to a public setting, where I'm easily able to address any concerns, is likely to be my best bet for resolving this matter.
I know many of us have had our differences in the past and as such we all have rather strong feelings for each other, however I take this matter very seriously and I’d ask that you put those feelings for me aside so we can focus on the issue at hand; I’m raising this issue because I sincerely am concerned about it. Thank you, and thank you for any assistance in this matter.

It’s come to my attention that several derivative versions of my work have been published and used by the group on this wiki. While I am content with the work I originally let the group use staying in place, if just because I recognize how unrealistic it’d be to try to take all of it down given its quantity, I am not however comfortable with the existence and use of these derivative versions of my work which I must note I did not consent to or authorize the creation of and did not give to the group for its use.
This is the list of the infringing assets as I could find them from a quick skim:


To address some big points I foresee coming up here real quick (by all means skim down to the points most relevant to whatever concerns you may have):

What right do I have to request this work be taken down?
TL;DR - You’ve breached my copyright as well as in the process the Wikia Terms of Use.
Under US copyright law I inherently own the copyright to my work upon its creation, as such I also hold the exclusive right to its use, distribution, and to authorizing derivatives - or edits or remakes - of my work; I have in no manner signed that right away at any point in my membership or leadership of SFMB.
The creation of a derivative work based on my work without my consent is a breach of that copyright, furthermore while the criteria isn’t very clean cut, I do feel that your use of these derivative works does not qualify for fair use, not least of all because it is not a transformative work, which the Copyright Office says that “Transformative uses are those that add something new, with a further purpose or different character, and do not substitute for the original use of the work.”
Furthermore, in using these unauthorized versions of my work, the Sci Fi Mini Builders Wiki and those involved in it have breached the Wikia Terms of Use, namely the ToU states that “You agree that you will not use the Service in any manner that is contrary to the Wikia Community Guidelines, which may be updated from time to time. Without limiting the foregoing, you also agree not to use the Service to: [...] Post any illegal or unauthorized content or use for any illegal or unauthorized purposes; [...] Violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws and laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content)”.
Aren’t I going back on my past advocacy for a policy against deleting content submitted to group projects?
TL;DR - No. I didn’t give the group these images, nor did I authorize their creation.
I can understand where that idea might be coming from, but the answer quite frankly is no, because I never gave these materials to the group to use. I did not authorize or in any way consent to the creation or use of these new versions of my work and as such could not have submitted them to the group.
Further, so far as I can recall that policy was only ever applied to written work - to roleplay, not to images, especially not to original images which would fall under the scope of copyright law, but again even if that policy did apply to images it can’t be applied to images which the original author didn’t consent to the group using to begin with.
What does any of this really matter, it doesn’t hurt me right?
TL;DR - It does.
It does actually matter quite a lot, I put a lot of labor into my work and it does cause me distress to see it, and my rights to it, abused like this. If someone had wanted to get my permission to make a new version of my work they need only have asked, but unfortunately you didn’t and I can’t ignore that.
Why should you fulfill my request, what does this matter to you?
TL;DR - It’s the right thing, and it costs you nothing to resolve this liability to the group.
Because we may not have always gotten along but you aren’t totally terrible people, this is by all metrics the right thing to do and I know many on the Council are on average inclined to do the right thing.
It also doesn’t cost you anything, in my discussions with some admins so far I’ve even been lead to believe most of these infringing images aren’t even relevant or useful to the group anymore as it moves to a new project - the group is entering a new era with a new theme and is likely to rebrand itself as such, rendering seemingly all of this unauthorized work useless to you, as such why fight to keep it around? Especially when you consider it’s a liability to the group and the wiki, if just because Wikia could take measures against the SFMB wiki because of copyright breaches like this.
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• 6/4/2016


Everyone willing to participate post two numbers. (x and y) between 1 and 8000. I will give you the system closest to those coordinates. THE MAP IS TOO BIG. CAN BE FOUND AT http://i.imgur.com/94CgkUj.png
Note: Nation colors are based on flags. Every nation that has a flag is visible currently (including mine because ik the colors)
Revealed: VKD, VRE, Nintendo Entertainment System, ME
Corrected: Colors of DL
Expanded: my left ARM
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• 4/7/2016

SAP Reboot thread

Due to popular demand here it is. So here are the things I would include in the reboot.

FTL would no longer be so confusing. There would be 3 - 5 different kinds of FTL archetypes.

Warp bubble
"quantum jumping", Wormholing
Each of these archetypes would hold some disadvantages and advantages. I was also thinking that we could  implement sort of travel time between systems in the map. For example: Timmy has Warp bubble based FTL-drives. There is a system near him he wishes to colonize. The system is 2 distance units away Timmy sends his ship there. Based on his FTL-drives, distance and his tech level the trip takes him 3 days to complete.

I found that the current tier system is not that great. In the new tier system I am proposing there would be more FTL capable tech tiers and they would be in a sensible order. Although I am not certain of it yet but this could be also advanced further by adding a techpoint system. The techpoint system would be based on research-class settlements and a certain base value each one would get per system. So when one would gather enough of said points he will advance to the next tech tier.
I'm thinking the new tech tiers would look like this:

T0 : Prehistoric (Stone age): very small organized populace.
T1: Ancient: Larger population, small cities. Bronze/Iron age weaponry
T2: Early/High Middle ages: Feudal system. Even larger population, efficient siege warfare. more efficient bureaucracy.
T3: Late Middle Ages/Renaissance: Time of inventions. Weird mechanical doohickeys. You know what there is
T4: Enlightenment/Colonial/Early Industrial: Highly efficient bureaucracy. Efficient large nations with a lot of resources
T5: Imperial/Industrial: Large nations lots of warfare. Line battles etc.
T6: World wars: Industrialised warfare. "Total war". transportation
T7: Atomic/Cold war: Very early space travel. Nuclear fission, and so on.
T8: Modern era: efficient transportation. Highly advance medicine etc.
T9: Early Interplanetary colonization era: Practically no capital ships. Not very efficient thrusters. Able for small scale colonization of nearby planetary bodies.
T10: Interplanetary colonization era: Some very early capital ships, hugely expensive. Able of medium scale colonization of Most of the systems planetary bodies. 
*T11: Late Interplanetary colonization era: Some capital ships still expensive but better equipped. On the cusp of creating their FTL drive. Able to settle nearly all of systems planetary bodies even the furthest ones.
*T12: Early interstellar exploration era: Able to go to nearby systems. Able to start utilizing their FTL-drive. FTL really expensive and very short range [SUGGESTED STARTING TIER]
*T13: Interstellar exploration era: Able to go further away. FTL becoming easier and cheaper and FTL-drives start becoming smaller.
*T14: Late Interstellar exploration era: Able to go huge distances. FTL much more faster and cheaper. FTL-drives fitted to smaller vessels.
*T15: Interstellar colonial era: FTL-communication. Able to manage resources and supplies within a small Interstellar empire. [THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE STARTING TIER]
*T16: Interstellar empire era: Efficient FTL-communication and other service such as banking. Able to sustain a sizable interstellar empire.
*T17: Galactic colonial era: Able to sustain a vast galactic empire.
*T18: Galactic empire era: Able to sustain a really vast and possibly magnificent empire. Can reach most parts of the Galaxy.
*T19: Intergalactic era: Can go to different galaxies in a timely fashion.
*T20: Interdimensional era: Basically god. [UNATTAINABLE]
Based on D20 (20 sided dice) rolls that would be modified by tech tier and military settlements. For example: Gary's empire the Examplanian Dominion is tier 18. He has 2 military settlements. He is facing Henry's tier 15 High Council of Illustran who has 0 military settlements. So Gary has the upper hand he hits on say 15-20 where as Henry hits only on 18-20. Ship damage caused by hits would be same for all.
Takes into account the type of weapon, armor, shields, type of shield, evasion etc. Includes personalised ship designs (points assigned to things and choosing what type of weapon etc.). Limited randomness.

My goal is to also shift focus from systems to planets. Ideally planetary invasions would be played on a map of the planet where both sides conquer territory until other surrenders(Not a decision when certain point of territory control is reached)

Instead of a bulk ship limit I am proposing we implement a fleet limit. Where like amount of planets gives you more supply so you can have more fleets. Fleet sizes would be reduced to realistic measures for example: Larry has enough planets to supply 5 fleets however he just lost couple planets just a little earlier when he had 7 fleets. He now has to remove/disarm 2 fleets for his forces to be lawful again and not suffering penalties. His fleets are all comprised of 8 vessels, 1 battleship 1 carrier 2 cruisers and 4 frigates with 20 squadrons, 15 fighters and 5 bomber squadrons.

Mapstyle will be made according to these changes/additions.

Other stuff
If I missed anything let me know.
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• 4/7/2016

EMB-SFMB Joint server Era Discussion(POLL CLOSED; UPDATE 4/6/16)

Hey guys! As you may or may not know, a collaborative server has been in the works for a while now between EMB and SFMB. We're now ready to bring the era choice to the players. The map we'll be playing on is a traditional stud map that will be shaped in a half ring. More information on the map coming soon!
We were thinking of gimmicks to run within the server, like events that change the landscape (like big wormy mom from the cave place), if you have any suggestions for such things, be sure to comment!
UPDATE 4/6/16:
Since both Future and Fantasy have tied in the polls, another vote will be held this coming Friday to decide between the two. EMB and SFMB Members are encouraged to vote for this as it will decide the final era/theme for the server.
You can check it out here! (link eventually)
Vote below for your preferred Era:
What kind of Era would you prefer?

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})Ancient  0 early medieval 0 0 medieval civil war 0 0 high medieval 0 0 renaissance 0 0 colonial 0 0 imperial 0 0 world wars 0 0 cold war 0 0 modern 0 0 near future 0 0 future at least 1 0 steampunk 1 0 fantasy 1 0 tripod 0 0 </pol> 0 The poll was created at 03:36 on April 7, 2016, and so far 3 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 4/21/2016

Post-Texar Map Thread

As you might be aware by now that Texar left our magnificent community. With our cartographer gone and closing the old map update thread I figured it is essential to the Stellar Adventures Project and I'll make a new one for all our mapping needs. It's safe to say that I probably can't compare with the quality Texar made his maps with but nevertheless I will strive to make it as easy and high quality as I can. Basically I am saying that I am taking on the responsibility of map making. This should make it easier as I have a lot of time these days, school being over and all. Anyways I will remake Texars map. Post all requests in this thread, thank you


' Regions '
-Added Crel to Kivor Area
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• 4/7/2016

Combat and War System discussion

There have been a few discussions close to this topic, but now I've decided to take a thought about it(thought moved down the thread). The goal is to have it to be simple and easy, while being realistic.
Please try take all Things into the rules.
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• 2/26/2016

Weapons of Mass Destruction: What are the rules? [RESULTS]

UPDATE 2: Voting has now closed, thanks again for the input, the Council will now sit down to review what you've had to say! Here's the results (leading responses bolded):

Question One
How long have you been in the Stellar Adventures Project?
Since before it was called SAP
Since SAP1
SAP2, but before the move to the Ananas Galaxy
SAP2, but after the move to the Ananas Galaxy
I'm not part of the Stellar Adventures Project
Question Two
How would you describe the rules on weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) we currently have?
Mostly good, but not great
Mostly bad, but not terrible
Unsure/I don't care
Question Three
Do you believe players, in using these weapons of mass destruction, should...
...require admin approval to own and use them.
...require admin approval to own, but not to use, them.
...require admin approval to use, but not to own, them.
...not be allowed to have these weapons at all.
...not require admin approval to use or own them.
...not require admin approval to use or own them, but be able to be restricted indefinitely by admin decree.
Unsure/I don't care
Question Four
OPTIONAL: Do you believe weapons of mass destruction should be ranked and regulated based on how destructive they are?
Yes, rank them by destruction and regulate by that.
Rank them, but it should just be for reference, don't regulate them.
Weapons should be restricted by their level of tech, not the amount of destruction they do.
No, don't rank them or regulate them by amount of destruction.
Unsure/I don't care

(Other) Rank them, but it should just be for reference + Restricted by level of tech

(Other) Rank them by destruction and tech

(Other) Should be ranked and regulated by comparative destruction: Impact should be viewed as relative to the size, development, and technological prowress of the afflicted nation to determine fair use. If that makes sense.
UPDATE: As it's been a few days without further discussion, we will now be moving out of the discussion phase. Please proceed to fill out the following poll as you see fit, your input will be greatly appreciated in figuring out how to proceed on this topic.

The Administrative Council has for some time now periodically discussed this topic, and in failing to be able to resolve serious divisions within the Council over it we have concurred that the matter shall be left to the community.
As such, we shall now ask the community to discuss the subject of weapons of mass destruction and the rules around them before, after concluding public discussion, answering some quick poll questions on the topic. Your input will be greatly appreciated, though we do ask you take this subject seriously and consider the impact your decision could have on the Stellar Adventures Project, one way or another, and what you personally would like the project to look like. We thank you for your time and input.
Here are the following rules currently codified relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), for your reference:
Section 3, Rule 4 - You may not build or use a weapon of mass destruction without administrator permission, permission to build one is not the same as permission to use one.
Section 3, Rule 5 - A weapon of mass destruction may not be unreasonably powerful or too unrealistic, with administrators being the final judge of what such means.
Section 3, Rule 8 - Weapons of mass destruction, or any weapon of any kind, may not be used on targets at an unreasonable distance.
Discussion shall be closed once it begins to die down, after which we’ll post the basic questions we’d like you to vote on and, after a week of voting, we'll then use your answers to help shape our policies on this subject.
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• 1/25/2016

The Combat/War System [VOTING HAS ENDED]

VOTING HAS ENDED AND HERE ARE THE RESULTS: http://www.poll-maker.com/results541225x4acE4c77-23?s=res
As I have revealed i had started working on a combat system for SAP. Now I want to know whether the average roleplayer wants such a thing. Which is why I decided to ask you guys. The vote begins on Jan 11 and ends on Jan 24, 23:30 UTC
The combat system is aimed at bringing more flavor and fairness to combat in SAP. The system will include planetary combat, Fleet combat and possibly a system for war in general. Though I think it is worth mentioning that this doesn't remove the obligation to roleplay the events as they happen in the system. Please note that you are more than welcome to join in the making below.

The System(Pre*10^36 -Alpha): https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1nUo0IO31zpSHpqTkkzX0Z0TGs&usp=sharing
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• 1/22/2016

Galaxy Name Vote [Closed]

UPDATE 2: Voting has concluded, and here's the results:

As you can see, Ananas came in first with 8 votes,and after consideration of its validity it has been deemed the winner - we shall henceforth live in the Ananas Galaxy!

UPDATE: It's been a week now and a few days since the last submission, so it's time to get voting! Select all the names you like, the name with the most votes overall will win and admins will break any tie that emerges! And then, once you're done, just get on back to your roleplaying on the wall while we wait for the results to be collected in a week!

So, I've raised this topic a bit now and then since we moved to this new galaxy, both among the Council and in the general chat, but not having an officially, universally agreed upon name to refer to this galaxy with, at least in meta discussion, is inconvenient at best, so I'm just gonna force the matter, lol.
If you have any ideas for the galaxy's name, now is the time to share it here, then next week or so I'll put them all into a poll and we'll vote for what we like best, a simple majority will win and that'll be, for then and forever more, what we call the galaxy, it'll be used in discussion, in RP, on wiki pages, and every post-move page will probably eventually be added to a category of that name, so you'll be seeing it all over.
Admins reserve the right to remove entries if deemed inappropriate, and if we don't get any submissions I reserve the right to use every executive power I can make up to force some random name of my choosing upon all of you. What show am I watching right now, what book am I reading, what game am I playing? Will you be living in the Xfilia galaxy? The Nightvalia Galaxy? The Newleafia Galaxy? Do these names appeal to you? No? Then submit your own ideas ASAP! Hurry, while there's still time! Go! Just do it!
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• 8/3/2015

Can you make the Cabal in the bottom right where JAa-De/0000-79-0 star is?

Can you make the Cabal in the bottom right where JAa-De/0000-79-0 star is?
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• 7/24/2015

Physical Map Changes Request

This thread is for requesting changes to the physical map not the pictoral map found on the wiki. To request edits to that ask here .
Below you can find the several forms that pertain to different situations in requesting a map change. For further information on how to make a request if you're unsure post below.
A body refers to a planet or asteroid belt. Space stations will not be shown on the physical map. As per the rules you are allowed to create a system that is either your capital, or the homeworld of a species native to your nation.
You do not have to give full details to be on the physical map, but any information not given will be striked as unknown, i will not go searching for your information.
Claiming an Existing system, or planets within an existing system:

Current System name:
New System name:
Empire name:
Are all bodies being claimed:y/n?
If no, which bodies of the system are being claimed:
Any planet or settlement information to be added: [Orbital Level|Body name|Information]

{If someone else owns the system they must sign off on such a request}
Creating a system as part of your Capital system or Homeworld allowance:

System to be replaced on map:(When you create a system it will replace one of the preset systems in location.){if you are just moving to the new galaxy from the old this doesn't matter}
Empire Name:
System Name:
Star type: [Colour|Size/Life stage]{State for all stars} (Special stars such as Magnetars, Neutron Stars and Blackholes are available on request)
Body 1 details: [Body Name|Body Type|Orbital Period|Body Image|Extra Information about body|Moons(large/small/terrestrial)|Rings?]
Body 2 details:
Body 3 details:
Body 4 details:
Body 5 details:
Body 6 details:
Body 7 details:
Body 8 details:
Body 9 details:
Body 10 details:
Body 11 details:
Body 12 details:
Body 13 details:
Body 14 details:
Body 15 details:

Removing a body, or adding a body to a system:

System being Edited:
If body being added, system and orbit level taken from: [I.E Earth is in the 3rd orbit level of the sun]
If body being added, Orbital level being added between: [I.E between orbital level 2 and 3, making it become the 3rd orbital body]
If body being removed, Orbit level:

if body being added, any additional detail change to the body:
For help filling out the forms, see below a List of Details:
Body Types:
Jovian Planet: Gas Giants like Saturn and Jupiter
Brown Dwarf: Large Gaseous bodies that exist In a mass range where Hydrogen-I fusion cannot take place. Often a great source of resources.
Ice planet: Usually a ball of Ice
Rock Planet: usually a ball of Rock
Terrestrial Planet: Planets with some sort of Atmosphere indicating the possibility of Earth like conditions within it's life time.
Chthonian Planet:Hot rocky planets with prominent lava flows often close to hot stars.
Neptunian Planet: Ice Giants like Uranus and Neptune
Asteroid Belt
Star Colours: Red->Orange->Yellow->Yellow-white->White->Blue-White->Blue
Star Size/Life Cycle stage: Main Sequence, Dwarf, Giant, Super Giant, Hyper Giant
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• 6/9/2015

World of Yonder 2

It's been decided that the next server of the SFMB shall be a new World of Yonder server, with some changes. As Djzman puts it:

"1st change is the portals will be permanently open now.2nd change is there are no special crystals needed to control creatures for your armies.The means that Dragons, Wyverns, Gryffins, will be a common sight.I was thinking it could expand like the last one.But we decided on 3 set map sizes500x500 750x750 and 1000x1000There will however be a requirement for units.You must build a building over certain resource points.To acquire certain units.This is where the crystals will come in.You will mine power crystals.Think High fantasy, meets sci filike asgard from Marvel.Before the crystals were special magical items.i'm reforming them to just be a source of power."
―Djzman, in the SFMB Skype Conversation.

That said, mechanics aside, there remains the matter of the maps. Yonder is a unique server in that it uses multiple maps, multiple worlds, and that we have portals between them (this time permanently open). There are currently already some competing suggestions for the map, and that's where this thread comes in: post below your map ideas (descriptions and, if you see fit, drawings and similar images) and as they pile up the admins and the community will discuss them and figure out what's best.
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• 4/11/2015

On Page Recycling & Deletion

So I've noticed a continuing trend on here that I've found a little concerning: members have an awful habit of either deleting the content of a page and renaming it something silly or totally recycling the page for their next faction, and I say this is an awful habit because that hurts the goals behind having a wiki for the Sci-Fi Mini Builders and her project, the Stellar Adventures Project.
Ultimately the goal of the wiki should be to work to preserve the history of our group, work to record and make easily accessible abundant information on present and past canon, and to show off the creative work of users past and current, but when you delete a page or replace it with something silly or recycle it for a brand new sort of page we lose all of that history and old information and creative work.
That said, I'd like to urge all members to please keep the following in mind:

It's OK to make new pages! You don't need to rename your page and replace its content when you make a new empire, even if you aren't satisfied with how your rule over your last faction ended we'd still love to preserve it!
So what if the page is no longer relevant? You likely still put a lot of work into that faction or what ever else the page may be covering and we'd certainly still love to preserve our history, including your own role in it, so why replace the content with "deleted" and rename it "useless" when you could just leave it be for the rest of us to enjoy?
It's not just your work you're deleting there, friend! This is ultimately a community project, we all collaborate together to make it what it is and I can hardly think of anyone who doesn't ultimately interact with and shape their roleplay along side others. Think of it like a group science project, you wouldn't go tear up the mock volcano you and your partners made, so why would you destroy what we've worked together on here?
We reserve the right to remember! Just as we have museums and documentaries and home videos and photo albums (hey, remember those?) to help us remember our past, whether as a community or as individuals, we as a group have this wiki and the group wall to help maintain a record of our past and help us preserve our memories, both good and bad. I don't know about you, but I think it would be awful if we forgot all about the Hyperborean Accord or the Natrail or Laginia or any other aspect of the original incarnation of the Stellar Adventures Project, or even to forget aspects about our more recent history, but unfortunately human memory is fallible and we need records like this to help us hold on to the fun and neat things we've done!
So I strongly urge members to PLEASE stop slaughtering pages left and right, have a heart, click the Contribute button!
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• 2/3/2016

Settlement Approval

I'm making this thread along side the creation of the List of Colonies page, a page to list all settlements, for people to submit their settlements and to discuss them and the standards. As a reminder, check out the Colonization page for the requirements, information on over expansion, and to learn more about the classes. You can also find a few relevant rules over at the Rules of Engagement page.
When submitting a settlement, these are the things I'd like to know about it:

What empire are you?
What is your Roblox username?
Supply a link to the place it's at.
What class do you want it to be? (e.g. Residential, Research, etc.) (You have the right not to specify a class and lose out on the bonuses, though classes have their own requirements.)
What's the settlement's name? (e.g. "the city of New Cairo" or "the planet of Mars")
Where is the settlement located? (e.g. "Sol", "Alpha Centauri", etc. - system names are only necessary information)
(If it is not easy to tell,) Which buildings meet the demands of the settlement requirements? (e.g. which building(s) supply the settlement with power, etc.)
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• 3/19/2015

New Server Discussion (March)

Edit: I'd like to thank everyone for their input and the poll has officially come to a close. Early Space has won out, though we had several other options with some support. If what you voted for didn't win, don't worry because we may end up doing it some day, just not right this second. Preparations are now under way to construct the Early Space server and we hope to have it up within a reasonable time frame.
Texar (R) 19:28, March 19, 2015 (UTC)

So something I'm sure many of you are already aware of that I am quite sad to announce is that the Water World Server is now dead. The server had a good run and we all built a lot of really interesting and amazing things so it does pain me to see it go out so young compared to the lifespans of our previous servers, however with this development the time has come to look to the future.
Now, we had voted back in January to build a new Early Space Server, a server set in the early days of human colonization in the Martian and Jovian systems and the asteroid belt, however it has obviously been quite a bit of time since we voted to do so and there still remains some concerns about how it might be built and I myself am wondering if the idea is still interesting to the community after all this time.
Given this situation we find ourselves in, I'd like to hold a poll now on what our next sever should be, I'll try to include options from past server votes and a few extra so if you have a favorite theme that we rejected in past votes this is your second chance to try to get it (if votes are too spread out I might just hold a second poll with only those options with a certain number of votes, but we'll see, just vote what you want not what you think will win).

JSSnippetsStack.push({dependencies:["/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/css/AjaxPoll.scss","/extensions/wikia/AjaxPoll/js/AjaxPoll.js"],callback:function(json){AjaxPoll.init(json)},id:"AjaxPoll.init"})March Server Voting  Early Space Colonization 9 Sky World 3 Future Earth 1 Galactic Domination 4 Layered World (Multiple Maps In A Tower) 1 Fantasy World 0 Apocalypse 0 Fictional Sci-Fi map 0 Avatar: The Last Airbender-Style Map 0 Mars Apocalypse 0 Messed Up Timeline (Future Time Traveler Brings Tech To Industrial Powers) 0 Europa 0 Ice Age Apocalypse 0 Frozen Wasteland 0 Desert World 0 Mountain World 2 Volcano World 0 Aliens Invade Modern Earth 0 Free Build (Empty Baseplate) 0 The poll was created at 19:47 on March 16, 2015, and so far 20 people voted. Please wait, submitting your vote...
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• 3/15/2016

Request Map Changes [Discontinued]

ATTENTION! These maps have been DISCONTINUED by their author, as such this thread is OUT OF DATE!

This is the thread to request changes to the map for the Stellar Adventures Project, this is NOT the place to discuss or debate changes, if you wish to discuss possible or past changes then please go HERE.
As such, this post will have some information it not totally up to date, so I apologize for any confusion, the next bit here will tell you what I need though the rest of this specific comment probably isn't super relevant. You can find the new map below. Texar (R) 22:26, August 3, 2015 (UTC)

FOR THE RECORD: As of now, I only need to know the NAME OF YOUR FACTION and HOW MANY SYSTEMS YOU HAVE, as well as any preference for where you're put you may have, I do not however need to know about the contents of your systems, that information is more relevant to the physical map.

This is the thread to request changes to the map, in order to request a change you MUST state the name of the faction, the name of the system(s), and specify where you would like your system(s) to be placed (you may simply let me put them where I see fit or you can specify the quadrant and sector but for very specific placement preferences I ask that you draw up a quick map for me to work based on).
An example of a proper request would look like this:

Rebecca wrote:Hi, I just formed the Tau Collective, can you add my five systems to sector 3 of the Alpha quadrant? Here's their names:

Placement is up to you, thanks!

Another example might look like this:

Texar wrote:Hi, can you please add the TSED to Delta 4? Here's a map to show how I want them placed, thanks!

If the necessary information is not given then I can not add you to the map. Anyone who should choose to complain about not being added rather than work to rectify their mistake will be significantly unlikely to end up on the map at all.
(Note: For information on what the sectors are, check HERE. For information on what the directions are, check HERE.)

Here's the map:
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• 1/4/2016

Map Discussion

This thread is here to discuss changes, implemented or proposed, to the Stellar Adventures Project map, if you would like to simply request changes to that map or find out more about its current state then check HERE.
Disagree with a change? Think there's something wrong with the map? Want some input on how to implement a change you have in mind? This is the place for that, and more, just try not to let things get too heated please, we don't need members coming to blows because of cartography, not that we need members coming to blows for anything else either.
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