Administrators, or "Admins" or "Moderators", are the group leaders. These cool cats help keep the group alive and working! Yes, for it is they who hold the whip in this scenario of which you are our slave! Well... OK, so we don't have an actual whip... We have the ability to control what content you put on here and the group though!

WAIT! Who ARE Those REALLY Cool People!?

Oh, gawsh... you... Stop it! You're making us blush! Those really cool people are the Admins of course! Here's a list of them, so you know who to add to your list of who to stalk!

The Wall

First Administration

Second Administration

It's starts getting sketchy after the second administration. Sorry.

Wow! Pretty Impressive! How Do I Become An Admin!?

Well... It depends. More often than not we'll pick admins based on activity, contributions to the group, maturity, whether they've been helpful or not, and attitude. So, if you're fairly active, you contribute cool things to the group, don't act like a five year old, help out now and again, and maintain a decent attitude around the group then you're sure to be noticed for these things and promoted in no time. There are some circumstances where we may pick admins who do not meet these standards, but that's rare and varry enough that we couldn't really tell you what those circumstances are.