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The Advent of Ascendance was built upon the drastically reduced Union of Republican Solar Sovereignties. It is a pseudo-theocratic republic that worships the Paeksis construct known as Vas'Met. It is somewhat martial, vastly less so than its previous incarnation, the URSS, but is still something of a sleeping giant. Right now, however, they are devoted to the rebuilding of their infrastructure and repairing the damage done by the wars they've had recently. Their greatest asset is Paeksis tech, which they guard jealously, and have only shared with the HNE.

They're a Tier-1 civilization.

They control 32 systems.


Census of the Advent has counted roughly 205 billion of-age military personnel and civilians, on planets, planetoids, in orbit or on vessels. Figures are rounded.

The Advent is made up of six races: The Morin, the Tacron, the Humans, the Karos, the Advel, and the Morusk.


The AA Armed Forces are divided between 3 sections, Castle, Fleet, and Legion, which are in turn divided into several more subsections. The AAAF as a whole is lead by three Supreme commanders, who have several generals under their command.


Castle forces make up planetary defence and such, dealing with local governments and military-domestic issues, and make up the smallest of the three divisions. They also deal with planetary garrisons on foreign worlds, freeing up Fleet and Legion. They are rather famed for their skilled engineers.

Census holds Castle at 7,500,000,000(7.5 billion) personnel.


Fleet forces are the stellar navy of the AAAF,  and get the most funding of the three divisions. They generally deal with interstellar operations, handle privateering, transport, and trade.

The fleet has faced major downsizing since the inception of the NCU and due to advances in weapons and FTL. The relative low number of the Fleet is thanks to the admittedly obscene power available to Advent vessels (Read Details, entry P-Tech)

The Fleet employs some 10,000,000,000(10 billion) personnel

Fleet holds approximately 45,000 warships attached to battlegroups at the moment. Roughly 3000 more are operating independent squadrons or solo.

There are, at this moment, 650 War Colonies active, 600 of which are attached to Fleets.

Average fleet size is 5,000 ships.

Notable Fleets:

-First Fleet- (Defensive Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Soliis (Shield)

-Second Fleet- (Offensive Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Krouiis (Sword)

-Third Fleet- (Support Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Uvuriis (Bow)

-Fourth Fleet- (Offensive Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Voshoterin (Siege Breaker)

-Fifth Fleet- (Support Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Kvorit (Alliance)

-Sixth Fleet- (Occupation Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Korouus (Catapult)

-Seventh Fleet-(Defensive Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Iyoristero (Citadel)

-Eighth Fleet-(Occupation Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Pasaterin (Siege Maker)

-Ninth Fleet-(Defensive Fleet) Active- Battlefleet Maasistero (Bastion)


Legion is the army, and handles most ground offenses. They hold a monopoly on armored brigades and ground based artillery, as well as wet navy ships.

Currently, the census of the Legion is at approximately at 16,000,000,000 (16 billion) personnel.

Advent NCU, measuring 39.5 meters tall.

The Advent Legion itself is made up of 30 sub-groups, also called legions, which each hold their own sub-groups.

A Varast Legion NCU, previously used by the One Empire.

There are Eight NCU legions at the moment, with 50 Commanders apiece, supported by infrastructure and crews. The combat capability in these legions lie solely in the NCU's. The legions are:

-Kharatisos (Mother of Giants) Legion

-Varast (Indomitable) Legion

-Moropitar (Flameclad) Legion

-Pistimara (Grand Mason)

- Eviri (Titan) Legion

- Amboliria (Tall Walker) Legion

- Mamariis (Warhammer) Legion

- Veyoristerama (Castlemaker) Legion

Ground operations in the AA tend to shift between high speed lightning warfare leaning heavily on superior technology and tactics, and crawling, unstoppable attrition warfare leaning on heavily armored troops and vehicles with high powered weapons. All Advent personel undergo heavy combat drills monthly, as well as having mandatory military service.  As a result, Advent soldiers have extreme skill on the battlefield, with even the lowest grunt having, not only an advanced hardsuit with Battlenet access, but excellent training and equipment on their side. A recent addition is an advancement in drone warfare, the Network Command Units, which are an incredible force multiplier and have nearly made manned warfare obsolete.

Standard armament for an AA Legion marine would include;

-Standard issue is

Mk. XV Combat Harness, Model B

usually a linear assault rifle or beam rifle, though it varies from squad to squad, with some outfitting themselves with LDMR's or as heavy weapon teams, for example.

-Hallings-1023 Non-Linear Sidearm ( Miniature particle beam, semi-auto)

-Synth-diamond utility knife

-3 HE/Fragmentation/Ion/Plasma grenades,

-2 flashbangs,

-Mk. XV Combat harness (Vacuum sealed, NBC rated, hardlight shielding, assisted musculature, Battlenet access, variable vision setting, 300 minutes air supply, limited access to P-Net)

Helldiver Griffin by StTheo

HAC Commando in modified Citadel II armor

Standard armament for an Advent Legion Heavy marine would include;

-Utilizes a variety of weapons, ranging from linear weapons(railguns), to explosives, man-portable cannons, or energy weapons such as pulse or plasma rifles.

- Hallings-1026 non-linear Sidearm (Miniature particle beam, semi-auto)

-Synth-diamond double edged combat knife (16 inches for Tacron, 12 inches for Humans and Morin)

-4 HE/Fragmentation/Ion/Plasma Grenades

-2 Flashbangs

- Mk II Citadel Class Powered Assault Armor ( Vacuum Sealed, NBC Rated, hardlight shields, assisted musculature, Battlenet access, Dumb AI assistance, variable vision setting, 420 minutes air supply, limited access to P-Net).

Notable Colonies/Planets/Cities/Systems

Systems: Soran(1), Bilatus(2), De'lathon(3), Ghante(4)

Planet: Mansora(1),Sunfras(1), Corol(2), Herald(3), Gavand(4)

Cities: Azmund, Citadel Prime, Moso Chruun Other places of mention: Big Mountain (1), Mariposa(1)

Citadel Prime, Position Variable

City Population: 652,900,000 (approx)

Resources: Ships, Space colonies, terror upon my enemies

Citadel Prime was once the central station of a flotilla of orbital cities above Mansora.  Holding many millions of citizens and clocking at over 325 kilometers in diameter, and 910 kilometers tall, it is the second largest space structure ever produced by the URSS. It is a valuable part of the Advent arsenal, being converted over several months into a battlestation capable of surprisingly high mobility. It is considered one of the flagships of the Fleet, and was once the home of the Imperator. It has gone under what is called 'conversion', its enormous Paeksis crystal core activating and mutating, covering the vessel and altering its form, armor, and weapons.

Gav'and Supersphere, Location variable

Population: 7,570,000,000

Resources: Faith, hot-bloodedness.

Gav'and is the result of the conversion of Ghante into Paeksis-Tech and its combination with Asch'Nal and Vas'met. It is the largest construct in Advent space, and one of the more powerful entities in the universe. It is named for the Tacron primordial god of Creation and Destruction, who gave birth to Os'Nal and his brothers, Fes'Nal, Asch'Nal, Cor'Nal, and Rhen'Nal.

Soms, Corol

Planet Population: 30,658,000

City Population: 3,280,000 (approx)

Resources: Paladium, Iron, gemstones, Iridium, Feltrite


Soms is on the planet Corol, in the system Bilatus. It is primarily a mining colony, for it's lack of anything else. It hosts a thin atmosphere, and is unsuitable for life. Still, that doesn't prevent multiple rich lodes of various metals and precious stones from existing inside the planet.  The population lives in biodomes dotting the surface of Corol, surrounded by mining platforms.

Essyn, Herald

Planetary Population: 3,300,513,000

City Population: 4,418,000 (approx.)

Planetary Garrison: 2,000,000

Resources: Grain, Seafood, titanium,silver.


Essyn resides on the world Herald, in the De'lathon system.  The world is the Advent's first extrasolar colony. It is already heavily developed, and holds quite the burgeoning population, along with being a center of military power and political influence.



Vaspin-(Capital)(Gav'and, Hro'nen, Vyor'nen, Shor'nen, Tyur'nen)

De'Lathon-(Herald, Carith, Famsid, Faras)

Bilatus-(Corol, Hamol, Schorid)

Cahala-(Maras, Yunye, Quer, Vamin)





Charsi-( Hors V, Koli, Terrion)

Coven-(Roguehaven, Harsk, Dorian)

Eres-(Santes, Vastin)




Revenant-(Wraith, Lich, Ghast)


Bronte-(Twain Station)

Vera-(Chesnis, Platna)


Jasper-(Ormas, Ghil)


Fol-(Iis Colony Cluster)



S'var-bestes-(Orin'ya, Rrha'tama)

Huntsman-(Artemis Station)

Ara Ara-(Men'Gha, Tarkus)




Agustin-(Nirao, Octevis)


Aris-(Korvin II, Korvin IV)

Plaratoma-(Cantassus, Arvindus, Maramau)


Gateway-(Archway, Portal)


Garland-(Empur, Samwel, Veted, Casch)

Tevin-(Mavid, Tassadar)

Remun-(Ferun, Torun)

To'emus-(Varimo, Pax, Chromwin)

Aspelt-(Choochuh, Marfaka, Marfaka IX)

Vitality-(Terbin, Flamik, Torough IV)

Scavin-( Tamarawa, Flusk, Farway II, Farway III, Farway VIII)


CURRENT DATE: Universal Era- 1010 (2730 CE) (Note: This is for the AA national calendar, not anyone else's.)

The Old Guard

The House of the Guardians of the Eldest Houses and Regents, or simply the Elder Guard, or Old Guard, is a group of soldiers that was once tasked with the protection of Tacron royalty and clan leaders. Once fractured and separated by their squabbling nations, they've come together twice in their history: Back during the days of the First Empire, and during the rise of the Tacron Dominion, in which they protected the Imperial Family and the Lord Minister(Both TD and URSS), respectively. Considered the elite among elite, they are "more feared in Union space than the HAC and Round Table combined", as stated by the reigning Lord Imperator. During the Great Coup of 986 UE, they seceded from the Union, leaving the nation behind to join their comrades that were still loyal to the late Lord Minister in the ranks of the One Empire, which is a rebellious sect of Tacron supremacists(Though it has lately been turning into a simply anti-Advent sentiment, rather than a racist one)that were determined to return to the days of the First Empire. They are slowly losing support and faith as the Advent gains power, and are at their lowest point in history, with only a few billion members, as opposed to their original, impressive population, which was able to supply bodies for a war machine that rivaled the now-defunct URSS. Modern Old Guard units are clad in 'Knight' type armor systems and power weapons. Many have modified their armor to have built-in projectile and energy weapons.


Revenants are regarded as one of the highest distinctions one can achieve in the AAL, though it is also considered a hell of its own to those its bestowed upon. Revenants are soldiers, usually pilots of the various vehicles of the AAL, though sometimes infantrymen, who are, upon being so grievously wounded that they would not survive outside of life support, given the option to continue fighting for the Union, forever. If the soldier accepts, they are grafted directly into their vehicle or a suit of advanced armor. These are obviously modified to account for the life support equipment. The punishment of the Revenants is that they cannot die, they can only be killed. As such, unless the latter happens, they will live and fight, for as long as there is a cause to fight for. They are tireless in their duty, as not only are they made one with their machine, but with the intelligence of said machine, which has loyalty compulsions put into the code upon the pilot or wearer gaining Revenant status. These individuals are both feared and pitied, and are seen as something of a religious symbol in the name of Vas'Met among the AAL. Revenants are fanatically loyal, incredibly durable, frighteningly powerful, and absolutely ceaseless in their duty, making them a deadly and valuable asset to the Advent.

The Bulwark Line

Once the main border between HNE and Advent space, the Bulwark Line has since shifted to surround the core systems, in order to better fend off attack.

Power Weapons

Power weapons are a recreation of First Empire military technology, in which you take a piece of specialized machinery (Usually manufactured for the role of a melee weapon, such as a blade or hammer, though sometimes other things such as armor or physical shields are used) and cloak it in either a repulsion field or a Phased Energ y field. The generators used to create these are incredibly intricate and expensive, and the construction methods are classified beyond belief. The most common form of power weapons are blades, usually a long-handled zweihander or longsword, using a phased energy field to sub-atomize any matter it touches. Shields are also quite common, using an overpowered repulsion field generator to shrug off even anti-vehicle energy weapons.

The First Empire

The First Empire is the name given to the old Tacron nation that covered Soran over two millennia ago. They were an incredibly advanced, and corrupt, society ruled by an Emperor, and seconded by an Imperator. It was incredibly advanced for a pre-FTL civilization, though that is mostly due to the presence of the strange energy crystal Paeksis, which catapulted the Union into a technological golden age as well. The First Empire is responsible for many modern technologies in use by the Union, such as gravity repulsion generators, power weapons, phased energy, stationary warp fields, and many, many more. Toward the end of its existence, the First Empire was shaking under the weight of its own corruption and need, unable to support its upper class on the efforts of its lowers. Eventually the Imperator led a coup against the Emperor, tearing the nation in half and sending the entirety of Soran into war, with its burgeoning population at the time well into the tens of billions, far outstripping the population of Pre-Warp URSS. In the end, neither side won, and much of the Tacron population died out through and from the war, be it from isolation or general massacre by either soldiers or WMD's. The Empire is noted to have heavily delved into genetic alteration, and as a result heavily corrupted the Tacron genome, and, if rumor is to be believed, heavily stunted its psionic potential, as in multiple reclaimed logs of First Empire history, the Emperor was said to be a powerful psionic. During and before the Fall, there were multiple attempts to reach the other stars, and it is well known that dozens of massive colony vessels and superstations were sent into the Void as Slower-Than-Light methods of colonization. At the moment, sixteen active First Empire colonies have been logged, and seven of which reclaimed for the Advent.

Project Rebirth

Project Rebirth is a nation-wide, multi-species genetic modification program that has its roots in the Supersoldier augmentations of the Heavy Assault Corps. It has been refined since then into a retrovirus that forcibly rewrites certain parts of the host's DNA to further improve their capabilities. Not just that, but it also repairs genetic damage brought on by disease, age(this doesn't mean immortality, just better, longer lives), wounds, and in the case of the Tacron, millennia old brute-force gene augmentation that has since settled to be a permanent factor in the lives of the species. It isn't perfect, and there have been complications, but overall it has improved the lives of the recipients and increases overall capability.


The a family anti-fortification weapons used over the course of Tacron history, collectively called 'Titans'. The Titan-class began its existence in service to the First Empire, during the War of the Fall. After the war, all of the units were deactivated and buried across Mansora, later to be found by the various nations and reactivated during the third and fourth world wars. Of the seven that have been found, four were destroyed, two heavily damaged, and one acting as sentinel to Azmund and its link to Citadel Prime. They were considered during their time as continental assault weapons, and have been updated as time goes by maintain their status as the strongest land-based mobile weapon the Union possesses. Titan Yufrandyl, the oldest Titan in the Advent, is rated to withstand battleship bombardment, is able to efficiently combat vessels in low to mid orbit, and survived the Day of Dawn while caught in the blasts of several strategic attacks. Woe be upon any beings unfortunate enough to fall under the gaze of these mighty weapons.

Paeksis Crystals and P-Tech

Paeksis-Tech, or P-Tech for short, is based on the semi-sentient, empathic energy crystal known as Paeksis. It produces energy by harvesting the fabric of the universe and converting it into useable power, though this is on a small scale, dependent on the size of the crystal and the emotions of the beings around it. Paeksis crystals are connected to one another on a fundamental level as well, able to share energy produced to nearly infinite levels, so long as crystals are nearby. It is considered the most important material ever discovered by the Union, and First Empire. Both were catapulted forward hundreds of years technologically, allowing the former to gain T-2 status within two years of leaving Soran. Recently, it has taken on an even more vital role, allowing the Union military to effectively fight the Corruption, and spawning creations such as Nu-Uls, Asch'Nal, and upgrading most of the Union military by mutating the mechanisms to better channel and use the energy of the Paeksis. P-Tech is incredibly potent, with an unlimited potential energy output, limited only by the size of the article of technology being used, and the power of crystals sharing their power. P-Tech weapons and shields are especially potent as a result of this, with even a single ship capable of funneling the collective power of every Paeksis crystal in a solar system. Larger crystals have a larger range of influence. An example of such a thing would be the fortress moon Uls, which was noted to have begun funneling the collective power of every paeksis-modified device on Soran that wasn't already being used by other weapons and defenses. The mobile capital of the Advent, Vas'Met, is the largest Paeksis crystal in existence, and is capable of funneling the energy of every paeksis crystal in the AA. Energy connections between paeksis crystals links said crystals to one another, creating a network where, even if a crystal isn't connected to another one, it will be connected to a shard that may be, or connected to a crystal that's connected to another and so on. The Paeksis network branches. Not just that, but due to their empathic, psionic nature, Paeksis crystals are connected to the minds of the beings around them, ever so subtly, creating a sort of synergy and sub-conscious, incredibly subtle and weak hive-mind, where intentions are known as they are formed, increasing efficiency in crews and units affected by Paeksis crystals. However, to contact the Paeksis 'network' as a whole, one needs to find a particularly large and powerful crystal, such as on Colony cylinders or more.

Network Command Units

Network Command Units, or NCU's, are the result of Advent(previously Union) experiments into quantum computing, and miniaturization of quantum data network devices. NCU's are mobile, self-sufficient network hubs, controlled by a pilot that has specialized training and augmentations to simultaneously control upwards of five thousand individual units. The data provided by these are usually filtered through the main computer of the NCU so as to prevent overloading the mind of the pilot. NCU's allow the Advent military to have a presence anywhere, at any time, within mere hours. Simulations and combat feats show one commander being capable of pacifying an entire continent against foes of similar technological advancement, and on a standard deployment, three commanders are deployed to support one another and ensure mission success. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________