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The Alfornian Empire was a empire in SAPI.


The Alfornians originated from the planet Alfornia. They were created by a mixture of two ancient species which made

The flag of the empire.

them. Soon they began to populate the planet, soon fiilling it with large cities and towering skyscrapers. But then as years passed, the Alfornians began to split into nations, Causing a nuclear war known as the "Great Alfornian War". This caused Alfornia to fall into a nuclear desert. However, survivors repopulated the world, rebuilding the cities that once towered the skies. But it was hard to do so, As radiated creatures also dominated the land. The Alfonians did not have time to deal with them, so they left them alone. Soon one day somebody suggested it was time to leave the planet, And go into space. The first spaceship was made by Delafar, a well known engineer. His team soon had finished the ship, and with a few final tweaks, the ship was ready for the cosmos. Everyone watched as it blasted off into the air.


Alfornians had a hobgoblin-like appearance. They were small, They had large ears, They were pale, had hypnotizing eyes, and three

Body of an alfornian.

toes. Their arms were also slightly thin, so were their legs, increasing their speed inabling them to sprint faster than most races.


Not alot is known about their military, but their military composed of regular soldiers, However they had few vechiles.


Unlike many races, Alfornians like tall houses instead of small ones. Only important buildings are small. Which is ironic, since most races important buildings are large, while less important ones are small. The reason their houses are tall is because most alfornians are rich, while poor Alfornians reside in their superior's homes.