This page focuses on the Stellar Adventures Project I.20px

The Argonian Empire lies on the tiny marsh planet Argon in the Stumlin System located close to Mars.A very unknown planet of lizard men called Hunyeriams.A tiny population of Goblins also live here.This marsh planet is usually rainy/stormy with low resources.But it does have a unique one.It is Amgor Wood.It is 3.0X stronger then normal wood.Hidden bunkers are made of these.Also a few towers look out of our planet.Many hidden bunkers line the coastline.There is 1 main land where the the largest amount of Argonians live.Also the three artifacts are [The first in village is the Artifact of Peace][The second black one is the Artifact of Storm][The last artifact the grey one is the Artifact of Poison]The Artifact of Poison is surrounded by poisonis gases.This planet is very cut off and not very advanced poison gases fill the air not safe for average human beings.We make large rafts out of strong kelp for a navy.3 float at the moment.We have a tiny atmosphere and water safe for us to drink.Also a small amount of beasts standing 7 feet tall with plasma cannons huge plasma swords live on this planet.They are the main military force with a population of 127 at the moment.They come from their own much larger planet and came here for more places to live.They live in the forests and inside the pyramid.Argonians made peace with them in 1467 and we have joined forces to stay alive.No Hunyeriam has been to the Yuremenier's before.Yuremeniers hunt for the prize and aren't scared of anything besides armies of thousands souls.Meaningly they kill all besides Hunyeriams,the Thuer Carp(Marsh Fish) and Dweferings (Domesticated Hunyeriam animal).The first human to land heres name was unknown.He died crash landing ina marsh.We ot sure where he was from.We have kept his body incase anyone comes to retrieve it.Civilian buildings have a large dark brown ring to indicate their civilians.Civilians also live in bunkers for extra housing.Mines cannot be made due to the land being a huge marsh.Trueryots(Basicly rabbits with no ears and huge tails) live in forests and are eing hunted as food like Tuer Carp.Hunyeriams also eat rare Arminion Berries which grow on Rock Kelp.They are eaten are celebrations marriages and at ceremonies.