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  • "it could be said most species may not even remotely go near any of those and still end up at the same point as us (maybe instead of discovering the atom they learn how to harvest their local flying tree population or what ever it is aliens do) and that one could say we're limiting people's imagination's by restricting them to HUMAN standards. Maybe instead of basing them off of human history, we just make a few broad, general classifications that help imply where a species is rather than specifically states 'they just invented this and did this and know that', like...</li>
          1. Grade 1: Basic Necessities (i.e. they're a basic society still working on securing their food, water, shelter, anything else they need to survive).
          2. Grade 2: Overcoming General Movement Restrictions (man kind has long been driven by our boats, wagons, horses, cars, planes, etc.; overcoming our limited ability to travel has been a major driving force of our society and it could be argued that this is likely to be a universal constant, these aliens may not need boats or planes or cars but they probably will need or want some sort of invention to help them travel in a more ideal manner).
          3. Grade 3: Overcoming Division/Communication Difficulties (arguably, some species can just skip this step because either they naturally have no issues with division and communication over distances or because there is simply no possible way for them to unite - no matter what, if there's an asteroid heading for your home world, it's nice to know you can turn your rockets to the sky rather than land for a few moments to resolve the crisis).
          4. Grade 4: Improving Life Style/Living Conditions/Health (an improved life style, better living conditions, and better health are all major factors of our modernizing society, with each new era comes a new illness we find ways to combat, with each new year comes new creature comforts for us to cling to, with each new generation comes a new country or two living a little better than normal - we're assuming this is consistent with other advancing races as well).
          5. Grade 5: Space Travel."</li>


        • 5. Interplanetary

        • 6. Interstellar

    </li> </li>