Background Story

In 2154 CE, The planet Earth began to fall apart and become inhabitable for reasons lost. The country of Belgium which used to be a small nation bordering France and the VVZBR, built a space ship and quickly launched it at a supposed habitable planet in the Milky Way. Unfortunately, someone screwed up and they arrived in a sector of totally unexplored space. They also have brought many things from Earth such as wheat, gunpowder, chocolate, cheese, and other Earth-born things of that nature.

Information and Military

Belgium is a relatively new arrival in the area. It has medium sized space navy and a small planetary army/navy.

Goverment system: Representative Democracy

Economy: Medium

Stability: Dropping

Technology and Culture

The technology of Belgium is fairly advanced. They have carried many European cultures over. Belgian Chocolates and Waffles are still some of the best in the corner of this galaxy. There are countless universities and museums across nearly all of the Belgium cities.

Main Language: French-49%

Others: English-35%, Dutch-13%, Misc-3%

Demographics and Industry

99% Human, mostly Europeans, but many from other places on Earth. 1% Other. Mostly alien merchants.

Last Census Results: 923,150,000 people

Population growth: Stable

Economic growth: Rapid

Auqaculture, Engineering, and Offworld mining are the most popular industries in Belgium. 

Relations with alien freaks

Contact with Hydorians

Settlements and Territory

  Planet: Alandia, Capital City: New Antwerp [Town, CT4]
  Planet: Alandia, New Brussels [Base, CT1]
  Luxembourg Research Base