The Empire of Rodina is a interstellar empire in the Chernyi System, formerlly the Russian Colonies was a series of planets under the rule of the Russian Federation, however due to corruption the nations declared independence, Russia, having literally no use for them, accepted their independence, the Empire was fromed May, 21st, 2847.
Empire of Rodina flag

Flag of the Empire of Rodina

Their goal is to unite the former colonies under one flag so they may together live in peace with both their Slavic brothers on the other planets and on Earth. "Rodina" is Russian for "Motherland", translating the name into "Empire of Motherland", but is just commonly known as "Empire of Rodina", since the colonies were named "The Motherland's Colonies", or "Rodiny Kolonii", then renamed "Empire of Rodina".


Population(Estimation): 6,000,000

President: Nikolai Yakovlev

Prime Minister: Yegor Matveev

Government: Imperial Democracy

Economy: Capitalism

Currency: Russian Ruble

Ethnic Groups: 79% Russian, 11% Ukrainian, 5% Polish, 3% Kazakh, 2% Other

Offical languages: Russian

Secondary languages: English, Ukrainian, Polish, Kazakh, other.

Date formats: DD.MM.YYYY

Drives on the: Right

Religious groups: 88% Christian Orthodox, 10% Christian, 1% Roman Catholic, 1% Other/None

Crime rate: 7.79%



  • Rodina(Motherland; Capital, Population growth)
  • Velikaya Zemlya(Great Land; Minerals)
  • Khrabryi(Brave; Military base)
  • Peter I (Oil)
  • Planet 4459 "Citadel" (Prison planet)
  • Priyut(Haven; Agriculture)
  • Planet 7737 "Hell" (Prison planet)
  • Snaiper Peshchera(Sniper's Cave; Military base)
  • Niet Zemli(No land; Natural gases)


  • Bozh'ego Miloserdiya(God's Mercy; Medical station)
  • Smotrya Glazami(Watching Eyes; Military outpost)


After the creation of the Soviet Space Program in 1922, which was replaced after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 by the Rsusian Space Program in 1992, in 2180 the Russian Federation began another "Space Race" with the US and China, the 3 nations, with the US in the lead, attempted to terraform and colonize planets in the Solar System and in other Solar Systems, the US, establish well over 47 colonies, the Russian Federation came in 2nd with 30, and the PRC only took 3, due to a new civil war in 2257 attempting to replace the Chinese' Communist government with a Capitalist one, after the race, which the US clearly won, the Russian Federation decided to cease construction, what with a new war in Caucasus Mountains between Armenia, Georgia, Turkey & Nagorno-Karabakh against Russia, Azerbaijan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia & Iran, Also known as the Caucasus War(2843-2847) , Russia had to divert it's resources, what with NATO assisting Turkey, and the major naval battle in the Black Sea between the Turkish and Georgian navies and the Russian navy. The colonies soon found out, while managing themselves, that they could work better then that of Russia, when the war ended with a tie, the colonies declare independence in May, 21st, 2847, a month after the war had ended. The Russian Federation gladly accepted their independence due to the cost of resources that needed to be sent to the colonies and all.