Flag of the FPA


Early HistoryEdit

The Helkarions early history states that either a great disaster or a great social shift occured causing the entire population to become cybernetic.

Modern HistoryEdit

Originating from Sargossa space the Helkarions after defeating several other space faring races formed the FPA, Free Planet alliance, And have now begun to expand this alliance.


Helkarion society can be easily divided into these categories

  • Civilian
    • Scientist
    • Constructer
    • Overseer
  • Military
    • lux miles
    • Gravis miles
    • nauclerus
    • Certamina ipsum
    • induperator

Civilians live and work in the electronic citys all benifitng the advancement of the FPA.

The Military lives almost entirely in combat vessels or on base.


The Government Of the Helkarions is a Representational aboslute monarchy, or rather after so many centurys the next leader will be chosen by the citizens.


The Military capabilities are only known to some space faring species due to the stellar wars that have been faught in the past:


  • The FPA uses Reflex weapons high Energy weapons used to emit high rates of beam shots that pierce armour and Reflex torpedoes that act like an upgraded nuclear bomb.
  • They use 8 classes of ships and are always founf in battle groups.
  • Their ships are armed with heavy ablative plates and a tight fitting energy shield.
  • Due to being cybernetic a fully crewed vessel can manage  the entire ship from one room at lighting speeds.
  • The FPA has WMD's but do not use them unless extreme circumstances arise.


Helkarion troops fight in both light and heavy power armour and carry weapons based on Reflex technology while relying on walkers to provide fire support.


The FPA use's Vacuum generators for all means of power and energy

Due to Helkarion cybernetics while in the field orders are given and recieved then executed almost instatnly making them a highly organized and fast paced army. The other boon to being cybernetic soldiers is that nearly all forms of Nueral weapons are utterly useless against them.