The Natrail System

The Natrail System is, Obviously. Controlled by The Natrail. The Systems star Gh'Laih IV is a G27 Yellow Dwarf. The system consists of 2 planets, 3 planetoids, a gas giant, and 2 astroid belts.


This is the Main and only planet occupied by the Natrail. It is as far as the Natrail know at the moment the only habitable planet in the solar system. This planet is a lush green planet with plenty of water. The Planet mainly consists of grasslands but has a few major mountain ranges and a large hilly area  in the southern hemisphere. The planet is home to 1.6 billion inhabitants


This is the current name for the Desert planet beside Natrail. The planet is deemed uninhabitable but seems to have a singular species that somehow survives on the planet. Not much is known about this planet as it is too hard for a Human to survive more then 8 hours on the planet as it is almost constantly engulfed in a dust storm. The planet  has hardly any atmotshphere explaining it's intense heat. 


This is the name of the massive gas giant in the Natrail System. This monster is almost 3x the size of jupiter and home to 134 small moons. The planet has only a small core and is surrounded by a ring. Almost nothing is known about this planet as it impossible for a human to go there without being crushed. 


This is the name of the small rocky planetoid closest to Gh'Laih. The planetoid is almost 2x smaller then Pluto and is virtually uninhabitable as you would burn up if you even got remotely close to it from the heat of the sun. Because of this all that we know about the planet is. We can never go there


This is the name of the forest planetoid on the oppisate side of Natrail then IG-128 this is the only known place in the system that could be habitable there is currently a testing facility there with 8 scientists doing tests to see if a colony could be established there.

                                         Natrail Astroid Belt

This is yet another horror of the Natrail System. This belt full to it's brim with massive astroids surrounding the System. A program that attempts to clear paths for major ships is underway but otherwise ships must go over or under the belt which adds hours to the flight.