This page focuses on the Stellar Adventures Project I.20px

A small republic consisting of one system with 5 planets.The GSR is very stable nation though they have not made so huge progress in technology and use the best tech they have.The people are mostly humans and of course they originate from Earth.They left the Earth during the Great Immigration in 2094.The other part of the population are the natives of Gliese 581D known as Glieseans.Although the Glieseans are the minority they are still equal to humans.

Planets & Cities

Planets(Ind.=Industrial Agr=Agricultural Mil=Military Res=Residential):

  • Gliese 581E(Closest to star)Ind.
  • Gliese 581B Ind.
  • Gliese 581C Res.
  • Gliese 581D Agr.
  • Gliese 581F Mil.


  • The Heart (Gliese581C)WIP
  • Pracedon (Gliese581B)90%
  • more coming soon...


Military in GSR is the biggest work provider in the Republic because of the need of security.Military still uses kinetic weapons because of the low energy consumption and they are easy to produce.Starship's main cannons are very often gauss cannons which rate of fire is very slow but it can tear an ship apart with just one shot the smaller cannons are either energy weapons or railguns.Small arms use a smaller gauss driver but are relatively same as big guns.Military is divided into Space and Ground forces.Arms producer is Arkhanov Military Technologies.Vehicles are made by Adapton Heavy Industries. 


Every planet except Gliese581C which is the main planet are controlled by governor.All planets are divided into smaller sections called provinces which have their own representative senators in the Senate.

Prime minister: Zachary Carswell

President:Sasha Fedorov

Senate: over 200 senators

Huge Corporations:

  • Arkhanov Military Technologies
  • Adapton Heavy Industries
  • Ladworks Mining Operations