Yes, we are back, and ready to build a space empire.

Flag of Laginia

Why is Laginia here?

Because we are.

We founded this planet and it seemed to be interesting, though theres was something we didn't see coming..


EL is an energy being, a native race on the planet we landed on




New Laginia










Space stations



Day 1

We landed on this newly founded planet. soon our architechts planned a house area south of the Gate between earth and New Laginia.

Day 2

Constructions seems to be going good, the first house are already finished, and some have set up farms not far away from the settlement

Day 17

When the houses were finished, the construction of the more important buildings began.

Day 36

We tried to set a metal boat from Earth into the water.. We soon figured out the out the boat became electric. Where did this source come from?

Day 48

Now we tried to make some rubber between 2 layers of metal.. The eletrizity did just go trough it as nothing happened

Day 49

We tried with a thicker layer, and a thicker layer untill it worked. We could finally explore the sea of this planet

Day 62

I got a surprising message from the sailers when they returned. A huge waterfall surounded the Equator of the planet. Another surprising thing was a huge mountain chain gone trough both poles and down again.. Are we isolated in our part of the planet?

Day 89

We finally got a sattelite sent up in air, and the news coming down were shocking The equator was covered with skies, and it seemed to be colder there, than at the poles.

Day 102

Each day some people are being cooked with electrizity, and we tries to find the source

Day 125

We found a cave in our searches for the problem, and when we entered it we found  surprising sight; a creature of electrizity only. We fleed back to the base

Day 126

The "EL" as we named them begun invading us.. Our weapons didn't work on them, and we falled one by one. Some of us Fleed over the ocean in boats, other tried to take planes away. Quickly we spread all over the globe, with no contact of each other. I self fleed to a small base neareby

Day 231

One day i was walking in the wood, i saw an EL. I quickly hided and observed it. I followed it back to its cave.. Inside the cave i found a huge EL.. the smaller one i followed walked just into it.. and dissappeared.. i observed more and more.. and i found out the EL-minions just was controlled by an EL.. it seemed more physich.. in the end of the cave i could see some eggs. I figured out it was ELs in there.. As nobody noticed, i stole an egg, and ran back to the base

Day 247

We found they weakness(kept secret for the rest of the Roleplay) and used it against them.

Day 358

The ELs overrun us and we fleed from the base, forever running from the ELs

Day ???

I didn't have time to know what day it was, as we was on an ever flee. One day i found a cave and took a loong break in there.. Soon i figured out it wasn't the right choice.. Far from my awaitings i was taken prisoner by them, and traveled up the mountain chain. Up there i found the biggest surprise ever.. A huge city, full of normal ELs. I was taken up to the "palace" and what i think was they "leader" spoke to me in an language i never heard before.. I responded it in Laginian, and it seemed to understand me.. Surprisingly it begun talking to me in laginian. It seemed to be an old and nearly forgotten language on this planet.. Did this mean Chaos was real? And who was the first Lagin anyway? This seemed to give me more questions than answers.

Day 683

I was allowed to be in the city, and discovered many new things. The laginians had split up in 2 main groups.. those near the Ruin and those on the other edge of the planet.. Those near the ruin named themself Belegore, and those who was on the other end named themself Andungore. On laginian this city was named Amonatar, though i would name it Amonar. Together they are named Laginia

Here ends the current story, and will be countinueing later.