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Mars Confederation

Official Flag Of Mars Confederation

Mars Confederation History

Mars Confederation Was Formed In 2567 By The Colonists Of Various Nations Of Earth And The Leadership Of The United States Of America. In Early 2567 The United States Of America Collapsed With The Frequency Of Wars With The Asian Republic. The Remaining Leadership Of The United States That Survived Flew To Mars

And When There Secceeded From The United States And Was The First Country Out Of Earth To Be Established. After The Establishment Of M.C. It Re-Named Mars Colony 54 To "New Washington." During Those 300+ Years Of Isolation With Earth, MC Scientists Invented And Innovated The X-1 Hyper-Space Drive, Which In The Recent Years, And With Help From Discoveries Of Planet Beyond Our Solar System, Colonized Them Which Resulted In More Resources, Space, And Citizens. As Of Right Now, Mars Confederation Consists Of 5 Planets, 4 Cities, And 7 Towns.

Misc. Information About Mars Confederation

~ Government- Democratic

~ Economy- Capitalist

~ Calendar- January 10, 2857

~ Capitol- New Washington

~ Largest City- Urbem Stellarum

~ President- Robert Thorebau

~ Vice- President- George Mac

~ Currency- * [Credit]

~ Literacy- 97%