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Flag of New Earth Confederay

New Earth Confederacy
(sometimes referred as NEC) is a human faction specialized in military and economy.NEC is currently consisting of one system the New Earth which has 6 planets, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctic, America, Africa. As you have most likely noticed the planets are named the very same as the continents of Earth.


Citizens of New Earth Confederacy are europeans who left during the Interregnum in 2075. With the "primitive" (as seen by more sophisticated factions) ships and equipment it took over 60 years to get to New Earth star system.This effort is the whole foundation of this new faction. The first ship to arrive was E.S.S Pinnacle of Man. At first as all ships came to the star system all the different nationalities formed their new countries and it was a chaos as wars for precious resources like food and water then the nations united after the resource crisis and what formed was New Earth Confederacy.


First is closest to the star:








Military of NEC is large due to mass of peope who want to defend their home worlds for outside threats.Military is not an conscript army but a professional army.

Fleets are often named after the admirals flagship:

Current fleets: currently none

Ship types: coming soon...

Armies: currently none


1.coming soon.


Full name: New Earth Confederacy

Race: All humans

people: 607 500 402 inhabitants.

Tech tier:3 (Gauss cannons, Impulse engines, Nano construction tech. etc.)

Government type:Republic,parliament

Prime Minister: Markus Försberg

economy level: Stable

political attitude: ProHuman

Most influential corporations: Arkhanov Military Technologies, Nanotec corp. , Fabrique Nationale

current parliament parties: PHP(ProHuman Party), FU(Farmers United), NEPP(New Earth Peoples Party), NENSP(New Earth National Socialistic Party), CD(Christian Democrats), EC(European Coalition), ENPP(Environmental Nature Preservation Party)