History (W.I.P.)

5000-2500 B.C. Age's ago Nyvexean war torn apart from war. Edventialy it came down to seven empires. Unowgie, Cragnoc, Hailmar, Belsarnar Ragnardar, Enowy, And Nexrac in which would go on to become the present day NEXEON EMPIRE! With in a year Unowgie, Belsarnar, Ragnardar, and Enowy were coungquered. Enowy & belsarnar fell victim to the Hailmar kingdom. Unowgie fell to Cragnoc, and ragnardar fell to Nexrac. In the mist of battle hailmar and Cragnoc had left them selves open to attack from nexrac. After the war was over Nexrac would change it name to symbolize the new era!

1000B.c. Space travel achived 100 A.D. Xan generators created 500 A.D. The metal Saxen is officially reconized by the government and starts becoming a offently used metal alloy in building. 1563 A.D. The first orbital spacestation. 2500 A.D. All Moons & planet in the solar system has be explored. No official names are given to them.

Info (W.I.P.)

Government type: Monarchy & republic mix All positions other the Overlord and Empress are voted for by the people

Home world: Nyvexean

Worlds owned: Nyvexean

Moons Colonized:

Citys/Towns/Settelments/Bases/Unitopieas: Xithises: Capital, Unitopiea, Planet Nyvexean

Solar systems owned or are in: The Nyrac System

Tech level: Tier 3 (PS: Pm [killerzeus7 ] if you have any suggestions or comments)