Max Height: 7ft-8ft.

hair: None

Skin: stone gray,Thick skin.

Eye colors: Blue , red, And Gold (a mix of red, blue, and gold. Royalty only)

Teeth: Sharp but not too sharp they cant eat vegies.

Other: Spikes on the shoulder tell how mature a certain Nexren is. These spikes are not used for offense or defense. Average body type (for a human). Cat like reflexes. Elongate skull, it increases to problem solving skills and a built in compass. They have to eat 2 oz of nickle and iron a day. Are natural climbers.

Culture: Nexren follow two chains of command One is from their government and the other is from Wisdom and heritage.


A head some like this (more human is facial features) minus the neck


And a body shape like this (with stone skin spikes on shoulders and stone skin.