In this page, you will learn about the Artians, their relations with other races, technology, and more.

Who are the Artians?

  The Artians are the natives of Artic (A light blue planet which is mainly made of snow). Artians are adapted to cold climate, and are used to high terrain.


  The Artians are traders, which means they do not just welcome visitors by guns. The Artians currently don't have any allies or enemies, only trade partners.


The logo of the Artians.


  The Artians have powerful shells, made of Artian Steel. The Artians guns mostly use shells, but a month ago, the Artians learned of a new technology called "Plasma" by trade. The Plasma was used to create a new class of a tank.

Warfare Tactics

    The Artians won't just fight at the midde of the air. Most of the time, the Artians will land to the ground, and drop off tanks. If the Artians drop off a squadron Plasma Tanks, then you're in big trouble.