Humanity and It's down fall.


Human armor during WW5

Around 3000 A.D. Humanity has entered it's 5th World War. Their numbers decreased from 50 Billion to 25 Billion in the first year. There was a mass Exodus, In hopes to escape the war Over 10 million humans fled the Sol system, Barely escaping in time before the Sun exploded, destroying the entire system, by then little over 10 Million humans Survived. The remaining humans took to the Stars, Their homeworld gone.

Where did they go?

They went everywhere, all across the Universe.  Humanity is alive yes, but true humans are extinct. Now most of the remaining Humans are either mutated due to a Planet's enviroment, or are offspring from  Humans and Alien races. But the mind, and ablity to change, never went away.

Human Basics.

Over Generation's human can pass on ability's and such from one generation to the next. Allowing them to learn faster and mature sooner. Human's are 100-300 Pound's. There basic height is 152.0 Centimeters ( 5 ft ) - 195.58 Centimeters ( 6.5 ft ). They are commonly known as destroyers, Crushing everything in their path with the desire to expand, and survive, this makes them feared within the Galaxy, if humans are near. Get ready to meet some.