Republic of Arython

The Republic of Arython is a small Republic. They have 3 planets. There first planet and main planet is called Arython. The central part is covered in Ice and the North and South part is very warm. The second planet is a lava planet called Hades. It is mineral rich due to the lava. The third planet is a all desert planet called Caymen. It is believed they left Earth in 2062 with mostly soldiers, scientist and farmers.

What is a Arythonian?

A Arythonian is a human-like mammal. They are average to 6 feet to 9 feet. They, on average weigh 215 pounds. Its behavior is relativity kind but anyone that dares annoy them will regret it.

What kind of technology do they have?

The first Arythonians were most likely scientist, farmers and soldiers. So they advanced on Defenses, Farming and Science. Arython is one of the most advanced planets in the universe. They are rare to be seen, most of the time they are seen out of there 3 planets they are wearing Nano-suits made by Virr Defalco. They are use to using small spaceships but made destroyers, cruisers, Aircraft Carriers and Battleships. They also use a lot of science to mine Crystals inside there planet, which they use for power.

The Arythonians have some of the most advanced technology. The