Controlled by: Belgium

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Solaria's location compared to other stars

System Size: Mudium


Solaria is the name given to the star which dominates this system. It is a KV type star and is a very light orange in color.

The surface temperature is about 4900K. The diameter is about 1236000km. 

Planets and Objects

(In order from distance from Solaria)

  • Herora I
  • Herora II
  • Alandia
  • Pinnecels
  • Dawn Asteriod Belt
  • Bandirk
  • Outer Cloud

Herora I & II

These are two smallish rocky planets that orbit the closest to the star. Their orbits are almost identical and overlap many times. There is a small research base on Herora II.


Alandia is the only habitable planet in the entire system. In 2206 CE, the Belgian colony ship arrived and settled on it's surface. The planet is 80% water with little ice at the extreme poles and on tall mountains. There are two minor continents and thousands of medium to small islands. The main settlement is New Antwerp which is also the capital of Belgium. The average temperature is 28 degrees centigrade. The land is mostly marshy grassland with some rocky highlands.

The soil is very thin and is mostly organic matter stacked up over millions of years. This makes agriculture very difficult and uneffeicent. However, the seas are rich in life and healthy for aquaculture. This means most food comes from the sea and includes fish, shellfish, and algae. Lots and lots of algae. The grasslands are very good for   cattle and certain products like chocolate can be grown in greenhouses.

It has two moons. One is about the size of Earth's old moon before Karkland nuked it. The other is about half the size of the first moon. This causes some major tides and floods.


Pinnecels is a minor gas giant orbiting over twice the distance of Alandia. It has an orange color and 42 moons. 


This monster is 1.5 times larger and 2 times more massive than Jupiter. It is a deep blue and controls 67 moons. 

The Asteriod Belts

The Dawn Asteriod Belt is a thick ring between Pinnecels and Bandirk. It is composed of many asteriods and is considered a major safety hazard. Total deaths caused by Dawn this year: 1528.

The Outer Cloud is a dusty place where many comets and chuncks of ancient rocks float in limbo. Located far behind Bandirk, it surrounds Solaria in a bubble.