The Akrivorian Empire is an empire created by the mind of DaStarWarsPoke, aka iamct23272 on Spore (Me). I am a new person to the SFMB, and this is how I would like to enter, my own empire.

Akrivorian Empire
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  • Race: Akrivorian
  • Homeworld: Akrivoria, in the Ceti-Pices 14 system.
  • Allies: None at the moment.
  • Origions: Spore
  • Leader: Tindel Ro'Kruu
  • Outlook of the Galaxy: We will make peace...but take over a few systems in our wake. We invade others if provoked.
  • Solar System (Custom: Ceti-Pices 14)
  • Government: Democunist (Democratic and Communist merged)

The Akrivorian flag as of March 24th.

Planets Currently Owned

Ceti-Pices 14:

Akrivoria- Stats

  • Notable Cities: New New York, Jalolabad, Heraklion, Akrivoria City
  • Population: 8.5 Billion
  • Notable Buildings: Timbal Complex, Jalolabad Space Station, The Crimson Home
  • Notable Residents: General Apollo, Tindel Ro'Kruu, The Oracle

Helios G-B 856- Stats

  • Notable Shipyard: Akrivorian Driveyards
  • Only City: Atmosphere City
  • Population: 2.4 Billion
  • Notable Residents: Ambassador Orion