The Annunaki Military


The Symbol Of The Anu'Ky Land Expansionary Force

The Annunaki Military is a large grouping of hand selected Annunaki that from birth are trained in the ways of soldiering, and discipline. They are threatened with the loss of their home, and people. Taught to have no emotion, no remorse, and only fight. These machines are bred for combat and are only made to do so. Rarely will you hear of a " Retired Soldier ".  They are to die in battle to do a honor, and to win a battle they will consume large amounts of food afterwards to appease to their culture.  The Annunaki believe in honor, zealotry, and the strong trust in warfare.

The Anu'Ky Land Expansionary Force

The Anu'Ky Land Expansionary Force, used for land combat and are used to occupy foriegn worlds. Consists of hand-picked soldiers from their hatcheries, they are directly sent to a training moon or world. Most zealots are usually armed with hand held weaponry, rarely will you see the Land Force using vehicles as they prefer the shroud of the enviroment. But if they're seen using a vehicle, or mechanized unit it most likely is the symbol of a large battle, and or war becoming enplaced.

The Anu'Ky Aeronautical Expansionary Force

TAnu'Ky Aeronautical Expansionary Force

The Symbol Of The Anu'Ky Aeronautical Expansionary Force

The Anu'Ky Aeronautical Expansionary Force, is basically the " Space-fleet " of the Confederacy. Along with being hand-picked and severely trained, they are also some of the most intelligent beings in the Annunaki Confederacy. Controling the larger-disproportionate amount of the Annunaki budget, and focus. They are also the strongest branch and are most likely always to be the first seen in combat.

From ground support, to aeronautical combat they literally do it all. Nothing prevents them from soaring greatly and proudly in the name of the Annunaki. They defend and provide for the Annunaki Confederacy. They are the symbol of war, and the symbol for a brighter future for the Annunaki.

Armed to the brim, with weaponry and well funded. They are a force to be reckoned with, and will fight as if it is their last.

The Anu'Ky Aerospace Defence Force


The Symbol Of The Anu'Ky Aerospace Defence Foce

The least favored branch of the Annunaki Military, it is although well-armed and funded.  Its primary use is occupying the Aerospace in the atmosphere of planets. Usually this branch is used to train Aeronautical pilots but it is also used in the aerial defence of planets. Although they cannot reach the stars as its sister branch can. It is the last line of defence if a Annunaki planet is invaded.