The Annunaki Special Sub-Branches


The Symbol Of The Anu'Kis Aeronautical Zealot Division

The Anu'Kis Aeronautical Zealot Division:
  • The Anu'Kis Aeronautical Zealot Division, is an elite division of hand-picked zealots capable of seizing, and operating under heavy pressure capable of doing any needed task within the needed time to do so. The main go to all-around unit, its capability is high as they can be deployed by Aeronautical, Aerospace, and Ground elements.


The Symbol Of The Anu'Atruid Aeronautical Rapid Assault Response Division

The Anu'Atruid Aeronautical Rapid Assault Response Division:

  • The Anu'Atruid Aeronautical Rapid Assault Response Division, basically one of the most covert, and hidden divisions when it comes to operations. No-one truly knows what they're doing, but they're one of the most secretive divisions. Capable of Rapid Assault Response, nothing can be ready for them as their success rate is rather high. The Symbol to be melted into the skin of a Annunaki Zealot is a great honor.


The Symbol Of The Anu'Kleed Aerospace Defence Battalion

The Anu'Kleed Aerospace Defence Battalion:

  • The Anu'Kleed Aerospace Defence Battalion, not the most respectable group. But its still a specialized force. Their primarily tasked with carrying out operations on a planet under the circumstances that a Annunaki planet is attacked. They're to be modled as the Anu'Atruid Division, but more-so as the defensive version.


The Symbol Of The Anu'Latid Scout Division

The Anu'Latid Scout Division:

  • The Anu'Latid Scout Division, isn't as ' special ' as its counterparts but without it most of the Annunaki invasions, and battles would be blind guesses. So probably the not-so mostly known but one of the entirely important divisions. Relatively hand-picked Annunaki with the best athletic, visual and other skills. Make them some of the best to have and sometimes carryout operations as its modeled division the Anu'Atruid.