Physical Characteristics

Height: 4 feet 3 inches (average)

Weight: 80 pounds (average)

Colors: Can vary from green to brown and any mix of the two

Skin: Smooth/slippery scales

Notable Features: Two rows of teeth, bright yellow eyes, hairless, a pair of tentacles protruding from the head and upper body (shoulders).


The Evrite would not be seen as a very intelligent race by other sentient life. They have only just begun to develop star ships that can leave the planet easily and safely. Only minor colonies have been set up on moons and none on other planets inside the system. And due to their constant wars, evolution has been very slow.

Other races would find it remarkable at how much the Evrite fight. The home planet of Utvin has been divided and split up into thousands of tiny nations from war so often that the Evrite no longer see war as a cruel practice. Many nations simply see it as a sport by now. But no matter how it is observed, the Evrites are quite a mess in their social interactions.

World of Origin

The Evrites evolved on the planet of Utvin. Utvin is a very hot, rocky world. There are many steam vents and volcanoes all across the planet. Forests can only be found in small pockets near underwater rivers. Since the Evrite are reptilian, their blood is lukewarm. This is quite helpful on their home planet which can exceed 130 degress Farenheit in many regions. Although, it poses a problem for travel to other worlds.