-The Ickma Empire-&nbsp

The Ickma empire is a peacful, wealthy, powerful empire. The planet they live on (still choosing) was ravaged by years, upon years of endless war, until one man had them all unite. The name of that man was Elyk Nesco. He was a diplomat from the (former) eastern country known as Levki. Levki (east), Nombow (west), Unpolo (north), and Devinkish (south) were always at war with each other. Once they discovered nuclear power they basicly blew one another to shreds...

But now from the ashes from those four great empires fromed a new one. It claimed there first emporer to be Elyk Nesco, for his bravery as a diplomat in countless world wars. As the empire ruled on Elyk was assassinated. They has a statue of him in the capital city of Levki. His legacy shall lice on in the empire. as long as it stands strong.