The sterkrthyóth at first glance will seem reptilian like. While being reptillian like, they are still rather far from being reptillian.

Their heads are within proportion of their body, but do however hold a large bony crest on top. The Size of this crest is dependent on the dominance of them in their particular societal cast. This crest is known as the "Hjálmr" and is a key part of their physiology in reproduction (attraction), Self defence and socialization. There are 3 air holes for breathing either side of the "Hjálmr" making 6 in total. They do not breath through their mouths regularly, although they can do so should their air holes be blocked.

Their skin is generally Green, however colours can vary to be Green, Yellow, Brown. This has served for perfect camoflage on a homeworld full of rich vegetation.

They have a large appendage that is used as an extra limb by them in fighting and climbing. It somewhat resembles a tail however it sprouts from the back of the "Hjálmr" these tails generally exist to be between the length of their body and 1.5x the length of their body.

They have standard Arm structure similar to humans the only difference being that they have 4 fingers on each hand.

Their legs encompass a system where in they have 4 joints, This makes their legs perfect for climbing. Their feet are almost like talons with two large claws. These paired with their oddly jointed legs make it easy to almost literally run up a tree as their talons dig into the soft bark.


The homeworld of the Sterkrthyóth is a lush green world filled with incredibly dense rainforest like vegetation between urban areas known as Sterkrheim. Due to large ammounts of excessive vegetation and moderated levels of industry on the planet the planet sees an oxygen dense atmosphere leading to much large indigenous life. The Sterkrthyóth are among the smallest on their planet however they maintain the title of most intelligent, being the only sapient life forms indegenous to the planet.