The Terran Race

The Terran History:

 Opposing tribes have fought for land and resources for as long as Terran recorded history. As the strong tribes conquered more and more land they became nations, and these nations continued the tradition of war. These wars continued far langer then they should have. And the Terran's would have kept fighting if it were not for one man. Kenth Pavond knew how much the Terran's could accomplish if only they would work together. He used his families wealth, and his natural ability to speak, and in but a few years, united the world of Dreeno together. He was assasinated two years later by radical groups. However his ideas have stuck with the Terran people and they have continued working together in peace. In the years since Pavond's death the Terran's have sought to conquer their own world. They constructed amazing cities that were technilogically advanced, clean, safe, and all around incredibly astounding. The largest of which was named Pavond City, after their dear leader. The people of Dreeno have placed major emphasis on education, intelligence, and kindness in the past few years. However, now that they have truly come together as one, they look to the skies and prepare for the day that they will finally have ships capable of interstellar travel.

The Terran Personality:

        If Terran's, as a people, could be described in one word, that word would be ambitious. The Terran people are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. However, it is this very ambition that caused the two thousand years of war that Dreeno endured. Terran's are incredibally arrogant and self rightous. 

The Terrans Physical Appearence:

        Terrans, although human like in anatomy, can be distinuished by their cresent ridges cirrcling their eyes at the temple. Nearly all Terrans take greatpride in their appearence, and go to a great deal of work to look nice. In the times of war beauty was used as a tool. However within the years since Dreeno has become unified, Terrans still try to look as nice as possible, as those who do not take care of their bodies are deemed innapropriate. The amount of Terrans who are overweight is estimated at 0.8% of the population. And they are only overweight because of some sort of disease they may have. Exersise is a large part of Terran society, and it is almost impossible to find fattening food in the cities. All Terrans have a similar skin color, as there is only one continent, on Dreeno. Their skin tone is slightly tanned.