Theeb, The capitol of Natrail, is a truly unique city. Built to celebrate the freeing of Natrail from the Evil plume of the 200 year rebellion that engulfed the planet, the city has no roads, only waterways. Houses are built along the waterway, and civilians usually have their own boats to travel. The head of State, Queen Amidala I's Palace lays at the end of Palace Boulevard , Located in the Core of Theeb.


Built about 50 years ago, the city of Theeb has advanced greatly for a city of it's age. The city was designed by a singular group of architects that all had the same view, a masterpiece. Soon Palace boulevard was built and the Palace, which is absoloutely enourmous took shape. The houses were built in rows of 3 and are ultimately very luxurious, citizens enjoy modern living even in the most low class of homes. Theeb was built on a plateau looking over hundreds of kilometers to the Moutains in the North and Great sea to the south. The plains that stretch out around the city are untouched. It was the perfect place for the builders. The city has now gone through 2 monarchs, King Fredrico IV, and Queen Amidala I

                                        City Services

Theeb has  truly unique Emergeny Services. Underground tunnels were built under the city and lead to every Street in the city. This lets emergency vehicles avoid traffic in the narrow waterways and paths of Theeb. Garbage disposal services don't have a very hard job, Garbage bins in Natrail Burn all the waste. When garbage is thrown in the basket, an electronic sensor is activated that then triggers the gas burner that burns the garbage. Then the ashes are sent into a pipe system below the city that sends it to the central plant that collects it. After it is collected, the garbage is loaded onto ships and sent to be disposed of in space.


The city is defended by a large battery capable of destroying a ship in orbit, and a division of N-1 Starfighters. The city, in Natrail standards, is extremely over protected. Though a necessary move as what Theeb has gone through has showed to Natrail, They're not always safe.

                                         Power Source & Resources 

The main power source of Theeb comes from Solar Energy. Every house is equiped with solar panels on it's roof. The secondary power source of Theeb is from the Reserve Plasma Plant in the industrial center of the town.

 Theeb has many resources, the most major of being Plasma, Some oil is also found in the area. Theeb has a few secondary resources such as Sand, Iron, Nickel, Titanium, Aluminum, and Tin. Some of the more interesting resources are fish, Grapes [Wine], timber, and pottery. Theeb is also famous for it's wonderful flowers. Theeb also has a fresh water spring and sod farms.