The United Karkland Empire can be traced back to the former region of Earth known as Karkland. There once was a country that resided in that region. It was called the Greater Karkland Republic, and was created by Rask Arknan and his party. While many considered him an abusive dictator, he brought the country to greatness by boosting the economy and giving aid to the needy. Despite this, many nations wanted him dead because of his ruthless tactics against anyone opposing his nation. Finally, an assassin hired by Gundia ended his life.

A war soon erupted; a war the GKR couldn't win. Nearly all men between the ages of 18 and 25 were killed. But before the Gundian Armies could march into the capital, plan "New Beginning" was initiated. Nearly every citizen within reach was loaded into massive space ships built underground for this occasion. As the final transport left the planet, every nuke in the country was detonated.

All across Asia, people were obliterated. The nuclear fallout then fell across the globe. Within 5 years, Earth was unihabitable and most humans had left the planet. The poor could only afford to go to Mars, and formed new nations there. As for the citizens of the former GKR, they were headed to a far off planet many galaxies away. It was called Jg-893428, but renamed New Karkland.

Although the planet was a great distance from Earth, it had attracted the attention of many others. Soon a war broke out. Once again the Karklandians left, but this time there were no nukes to destory any opposition. Five of the 28 transports were shot down.

When the Karklandians finally reached a planet, it was not as they exected. Cold, dusty, with toxic fumes. Most citizens died. After 100 years on Grequan, the citizens were on the brink of dying out. But then a miracle occured. Due to the amazing human body, they adapted. Their lungs learned to breath the air, and each new generation grew hardier and more capable of surviving. During this new age, the United Karkland Empire was formed. They recreated a great new nation. And now, they are growing into a power to be afraid of.