Vaktovian flag

The Vaktovian Triad

The Vaktovian Dominion is a interplanetary nation comprised of the planets of Vaktovia and Vakta. When the Vaktovian Corporation first colonized the two planets, the different Corporation heads were placed in charge of each colony. As is natural, the heads in charge of the mining colonies on Vaktovia grew jealous of the rich agricultural colonies on Vakta. This jealousy made the colonies on Vaktovia form the Vaktovian Coalition. The Coalition imposed sanctions against the Vaktan colonies, and refused to send vitally needed minerals and materials. This almost sparked a civil war between colonies on both planets, but was narrowly avoided by the "voluntary" stepping-down by all heads of colonies on Vaktovia. In order to prevent a situation of this magnitude ever happening again, the Vaktovian Administration was created to preside over all colonies on both planets. Expert leadership by men taught since youth on the successes and failures of Earth governments in history helped the Vaktovian Administration become a powerful body of Government. It was around this time that the two planets began recieving transmissions from other Colonies. A impromptu session of the Administration Senate resolved to turn all colonies into a nation. The nation was named "The Vaktovian Dominion". As of today, the Vaktovian Dominion maintains a highly stable economy, with wealth shared between the planets.

Planets and main settlements of the DominionEdit

  • Vaktovia [Homeworld]
    • Vyyrahk [Mega-City]
    • Constantine City [City]
    • New Vaktovia [City]
    • Inferno City [City]
    • Numerous mining outposts/settlements [Town/Village]
  • Vakta [Homeworld]
    • Vakta City [Mega-City]
    • Vaktus [City]
    • Alena [Town]
    • Erengrad [Town]
  • Starbase Templar [Space-Station (Vaktovia)]
  • Starbase Rico [Space-Station (Vakta)]

The people of the DominionEdit

The Vaktovian Dominion is populated by the Vaktovian Race. What was once numerous colonies of Humans are now an evolved, more powerful, form of their former species. Originally evolved on Vaktovia, breeding between Vaktovians and Humans resulted in the complete conversion of the Human population on Vakta to Vaktovians. Vaktovia was once inhabited by large carnivorous species of humanoid creatures with chitinous armor, and great strength. For generations, human colonists lived in fear of these beings, until, through genetic modification, and cybernetic enhancements, the Vaktovian species was born. A CK-Class dominance shift occurred, with the Vaktovians becoming the dominant species on the planet, while the other has been determined to have gone completely extinct.